Following the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor earlier this year, the Department of Psychology affirmed our commitment to BlackLivesMatter and the need to address racism, and created a new position – the Associate Chair for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity – to ensure that our rhetoric is followed up with concrete and effective action.

“It has been extremely encouraging to see how open and engaged members of our psychology community have been in creating an anti-racist department,” said College of Letters & Science Distinguished Professor of Psychology Seth Pollak, who assumed the new role in July. “Everyone’s willingness to generate ideas and devote their time to these efforts will certainly move us forward.” Read more about our progress.
This fall, new associate professor Kate Walsh is leading a research cluster on sexual violence, and studying how the pandemic has influenced sexual violence risk and reporting practices among undergraduates. Read More
It’s not uncommon these days to have some time alone with your thoughts. But what does that sound like, if it sounds like anything at all? The Lupyan Lab takes a closer look. Read More, plus take the survey yourself.

Amid all the present uncertainties this year, we asked current psychology majors how they're pursuing their own educational goals. From time management to online networking, they share how they're making it work. Read More
Applications for the Psychology PhD program are due December 1, 2020. Due to COVID-19 and associated challenges with taking and receiving scores for the GRE, the Department of Psychology has decided NOT to require the GRE for applicants this year.