2nd Annual Student Employment Summer Summit
We hope you can join us for the 2nd Annual Student Employment Summit! This event intends to bring together supervisors, hiring managers, and others who support student employment at UW-Madison to connect while sharing knowledge, best practices, and engaging in different perspectives on a variety of Student Employment topics.

Wednesday, July 20th
8:30 am - 1 pm
Online via Zoom - Registration links below!
Meet our Keynote Speakers
Dropping the F-Bomb! Challenging our notions of “fit” in the hiring process with Lo Klink - 9 am
We’ve all done it.  You know, dropped the F-Bomb.  No, not that F*%#-Bomb, the one that is so much more than a simple word, the one that comes with all sorts of complexity…FIT.  A candidate looks fantastic on paper, but then you wonder, will they “fit”?  When you use the F-Bomb are you considering your identities, influence, or impact in a hiring process?  Join Lo Klink to learn more about this concept and how it can be harmful or helpful to our hiring processes.
Engaging First-Generation Students through Campus Employment: Roadmaps for Success with Matt Newlin - Noon
First-generation students are much more likely than their peers to work part- or full-time while in college. Unfortunately, institutional policies and practices are not designed with first-generation students in mind which can lead to inequitable academic and financial outcomes. This keynote session will explore institutional barriers to employment for first-generation students, as well as examples of successful and innovative programs to improve student engagement and success. Dr. Matt Newlin will discuss current research related to first-generation student employment; share institutional examples of student-centered support; and help participants critically assess their own institution’s policies to begin advocating for change on their campus.
More details and the registration link for breakout sessions will be available soon!